Luxury Alcohol Infused Advent Calendar
Luxury Alcohol Infused Advent Calendar
Luxury Alcohol Infused Advent Calendar

Luxury Alcohol Infused Advent Calendar

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Treat yourself or a loved one to this totally unique, luxurious, alcohol infused chocolate advent calendar.

This Calendar contains 24 delicious, handcrafted chocolates that are fully vegan, gluten, soy and palm oil-free.  This advent calendar contains 2 of each flavour, from classic bestsellers to bespoke Christmas flavours. *pro tip, if you're sharing with someone, one of you take even and the other take odd numbered days and you'll each get one of everything.

To make sure everyone gets a little of their favourites, this year's selection contains  1/3 white chocolates, 1/3 m*lk chocolates, 1/3 dark chocolates 


Springbank Caramel Ganache Whisky

Kintyre Gin

Panther M*lk Vanilla Ganache

Dark Chocolate Tia Maria

Cranberry Margarita

Prosecco Truffle

Glen Scotia Salted Caramel Whisky

Mulled Wine

Rum Truffle 

Peppermint Schnapps

Marc De Champagne Truffle

Chocolate Orange Gin Ganache



TBC but all free from Dairy, Egg, Gluten and Soy

** If chocolates, other than advent calendars, are included in your order, please note that they will be sent as 1 order in November.  If you wish to receive your other chocolates earlier, please place a separate order for those. **


Unlike most advent calendars, ours is 100% plastic-free and fully recyclable as cardboard

About the ingredients: All the chocolates in this advent calendar will be dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, alcohol-free and will not contain nuts (although some of our suppliers handle nuts so traces may be present)