Partially unwrapped vegan chocolate Billie Frog, the size of a Freddo, made by Mummy Meegz
Outer packaging of oat milk vegan chocolate Billie frog from Mummy Meegz. States 89 calories
unwrapped vegan oat milk chocolate billie bar from Mummy Meegz showing frog standing on a lilly pad

Billie Bar from Mummy Meegz

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A frog-tastic m!lk chocolate snack bar and only 89 calories! Of course it's Vegan - with chocolate that is ethically sourced - there is no Palm Oil used and Billie is wrapped in Plastic Free, Compostable packaging.  More than a Freddo alternative, Billie is better! Ethically sourced and vegan, Billie is so much kinder than any other chocolate frog on the market!