Our Story

We know your time is precious and the last thing you want to do is pore over ingredients labels.  So that's why we are exclusively vegan and free from palm oil too.



Fetcha Chocolates began with a dream: a dream that everyone could enjoy (or gift) delicious chocolates without compromising their ethics.

The name Fetcha is derived from an acronym for:

Free-from dairy and other animal products, palm oil and plastic packaging

Ethical because we use vegan ingredients, that are (predominantly) organic and fair trade and all our packaging is plastic free and fully recyclable.  

Tasty, forget everything you think you know about vegan chocolate, ours just tastes like great chocolate, no compromise necessary.

Chocolate made using mostly organic and natural ingredients to give you the best flavour possible.

Handmade and hand decorated, you'll not see any robots in this facility.

Art because every box of chocolates is made by hand they are all unique little works of art that we are thrilled to share with you. 



My name is Fiona, and as the creator of Fetcha Chocolates, I design and make all chocolates by hand in a small workshop in the Scottish Highlands - in Campbeltown, on the West Coast of Scotland to be precise.

This journey to chocolate making started about 10 years ago with another edible art form, cakes.  Getting a great deal of enjoyment from "playing with food", but finished with cakes, I was frustrated when, on becoming vegan, I couldn't find nice chocolates to gift to friends and relatives that didn't compromise my ethics.

It wasn't until 2019, when my good friend Denise asked me to work with her in her newly opened chocolate shop, The Sweetie Jar that I realised how difficult luxury, giftable chocolates that would suit everyone were to find.  I realised that my friends and family with various health and ethical considerations would be unable to share chocolates gifted to the family or to get much variety by way of selection boxes at Christmas that I put my feelings into action.

Now our chocolates are certified as Vegan Founded, we are members of the Vegan Traders Union and we work with Ecologi to plant trees in the UK and abroad.

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